Flight Attendant Courses 1-8 Value Bundle


A bundle of all of our available courses, all packed into one single collection. Save and order this value collection today.

An introduction to becoming a Flight Attendant - helping you with presenting a professional look, confidence building, correct posture and etiquette. Overall estimated duration: 130 minutes
Discover recommended interview techniques and the requirements needed to become a Flight Attendant as well as a guide for your application. How best to respond to the most popular interview questions and understanding the expectations of the airline. Overall estimated duration: 90 minutes
Preparing for the onboarding process will assist you with the understanding of the training that lies ahead, the expectations of the airline in your first few weeks, legalities, accommodation and how to effectively communicate with your new team members. Overall estimated duration: 155 minutes
Preparation for your first flight as a Flight Attendant - including presentation advice, understanding the briefing process and the general duties expected during a flight. Overall estimated duration: 45 minutes
In-between flights, you will be visiting and staying at various accommodation all over the world. This course will prepare you for 'layovers',  a term used to describe less than 24 hour stays at different worldwide locations. Overall estimated duration: 30 minutes
Discover the world of aircraft you may fly on as a Flight Attendant. Overall estimated duration: 60 minutes
A career as a Flight Attendant is a glamorous role, however it's important to understand the physical and mental aspects of travelling the world. Here we will guide you and help you manage these aspects and provide key insights into the Flight Attendant lifestyle. Overall estimated duration: 45 minutes
Travelling the world is one of the most exciting aspects of a Flight Attendant career and we will guide you through how to take full advantage of the fantastic opportunity this provides. Overall estimated duration: 45 minutes
Live course presentation, no recordings!
Learn from home with online course delivery
Question and Answer sessions
Practical exercises with feedback
Certificate on completion of course
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A bundle of all our available courses, all packed into one single collection. Save and order this value collection today.